„And each new day is but a new page In God's coloring book.“ Dolly Parton 1977 The project is a single-ended medium power tube / solid state hybrid amplifier delivering something above 20W RMS into 4Ohm speakers and can be driven directly from a CD player (if that is an option). Input tube is an actively loaded 6SN7. The power stage comprises a KT66 cathode follower driving a 2SC5200 BJT which is cascoded by an IXFN32N120 power MosFet. The output signal at the MosFet's drain is fed back into the screen grid of the KT66. This makes the tetrode virtually a very low µ triode. Output transformer is a Lundahl LL1693(230mA) for SE operation. The amps went into operation on April 12 th  2017 and since then run without any problems. I am truly happy with the performance. The sound stage is really good. Instruments and voices are natural and detailed and seemingly independent from the speakers. I do not own high efficiency speakers but run my amps with two Newtronics Temperances speakers. Although the measured output power is little above 20W per channel I can hear music very loud. Of course my statements are subjectively biased. However, I do not regret one single Euro I put into this project, not counting the challenge and fun to design and build it. The full article describes the concept, the circuit and the power supply in detail.
Some impressions from Nashville, Tennessee in March 2018